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Photoshoot – before the tooth fairy arrived


This is my first blog entry.  Ever.  Thought it would make the most sense to begin with my favorite person in the world.  My boy.  Here are some photos that we shot yesterday.  When people learn that I am a photographer, they said “you must have the most incredible photos of him”.  I do have some cool ones, but they are candids, and must be grabbed when he isn’t aware.  Otherwise he will make a silly face.  Or roll his eyes and say “Mommy…..”.  Like “please stop stalking me with that camera”.

A friend told me once that once a child loses his front teeth, the shape of their face can completely change.  He has lost a few of his but not the top two.  But they have been loose.  Very lose.  I told him that I crazy glue them at night while he is sleeping because I cannot bear the thought of his little face changing on me.  But I knew that the clock was ticking.  So, after some bribery, he agreed to this 30 minute session with me.  And oddly enough, less then one hour post-session, the front tooth came out.

The good stuff

Total awesomeness

One of my many tricks to get him to smile

Doesn't get much better then this

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  1. Gina #

    I absolutely loves these pics. My favorite one of Mateo is the one with him kneeling down. My favorite of yours is the phone you posted on the homepage.

    August 2, 2010

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