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It should come as no surprise that I loved Barbie dolls as a little girl.  When I saw this line of dolls at the store, I screamed.  They aren’t classic Barbies – they are fashion Barbies.  They are more like models and they have them with black dresses and cool hair and makeup.  The most exciting part (to me)…is that there are twelve of them and they are an array of ethnicities.  Latina, African-American, Indian, Caucasian, a blend of several races, 
you aren’t really sure what they are but they are not your vanilla typical Barbies.  Here are three of them.  And yes, I own all 12 and plan to shoot pics of them all…

Not sure if this is beautiful, or disturbing

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  1. Timothy Webster #

    Nice job! There’s a lot to think about with these – light, posing, dress, scale, colors, and so on. I’ve thought about buying one or two so that I could try some lighting and posing scenarios. (Besides, some of them are pretty hot.) But that sounds pretty twisted for a guy to do, right? But they’re so much more patient than a real person. Not to mention the fact that “Toy Story 3” gave me a whole new appreciation for the Barbie figure.

    August 17, 2010

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