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Baby Layla

Okay, so she isn’t a baby anymore.  But I still want to refer to her this way.  Layla is, all that stuff that you think of when you imagine a little girl.  Sugar and spice and all.  Pretty little dresses, cute little shoes, stuffed animals, giggles and smiles.  We’ve only been able to hang out a few times because she’s too far away to see more of but…we bond.  She & I have a friendship.  Layla is my girl.  We even share jewelry.

Had the chance to hang out with my girl when I was shooting a Wedding in Florida.  Took some pics of her which I just love.  And again, one of those quick things.   I had to coax her over by the window as soon as I saw the perfect light streaming in.  And then I somehow got her out onto the little terrace to capture even more of her greatness.  And the result, voila.  Layla in her infinite fabulousness.  Love you girl!

I knew these shots would work - the yellow dress against the white sheets and the amazing light....all we needed was her personality to shine through.

When I show anyone a photo of her, they always comment on her gorgeous skin

Want to get shots like this of a child?  Just talk to them.  Let them show their real personality.  Don’t yell out “smile!  smile!  smile!”  Just let them be themselves and lead with their eyes.

She's even great in black & white!

The kind of shot I live for. Or die for. Not sure which one. The real child. Not one of those fake smiles we make them do

Pure puppy happiness

I told you we share jewelry

Another shot I die for. A moment. Captured forever. Sometimes you get lucky and turn at the right time.

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