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Sometimes the best shots are unplanned…

This amazing baby is the son of friend’s of ours.  And he is quite simply, perfect.
I absolutely adore photographing him.  Some of my favorite images are of him and were done super quick – five to ten minute impromptu photo sessions. Here he is at six months:

Peaches & creme skin and toothless smiles

This is the crazy stuff I do when I’m close friends with you.  I will sneak off with your child for a few minutes with my camera strapped across my chest.  And I will hang out with them and snap away.  And most of the time, we make magic for you to have forever.

We had the opportunity to hang out with Mr. Wonderful six months later right before he turned one.  I had been taking a few shots of him during the day but I saw my moment when his Mom took him upstairs for his afternoon nap.   I asked if I could come up for a few minutes – knowing full well that they have ridiculous light up in the bedroom…

See...creamy, magical, perfect ambient light

What followed was the usual attempts to get him smiling.  It didn’t take much.  A stuffed animal and tickles from his Mommy and the result was good old-fashioned baby goofiness.  Love this little guy.  He’s kind of magical.  Here are my favorites.

Those eyes.

Those little teeth and baby giggles!!!!!

I am crazy about this shot.

His expression. He is really seeing me - and thinking I'm a little crazy. But a little fun.

Thank you babycakes.  Many more mini-photo sessions to come…

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