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Approaching a stranger – sharing the love

We are all supposed to be afraid of strangers.  We are taught this at a very young age.  I never got the memo though.  Or maybe I did get it but I have forgotten what it said.  Good, bad, or other, it’s who I am.  And I assume everyone is like this.  I have to remind myself though that not everyone is like me and that kids are rightfully taught to be apprehensive when a stranger approaches.   I don’t want them to ever get the idea that it’s okay to talk to people they don’t know.  But, if their parents are around and right next to them, maybe it’s a little bit okay – as long as that person is a loud, tall chick with a Nikon.

I tend to throw myself at these beautiful angels.  I spotted this little guy at a recent even and was kind of mesmerized by his peaches and creme complexion which was offset by this white-gold hair.  I just knew he’d be photogenic.  I snapped this one quickly and was instantly smitten.

See – photographs like a little angel!

So my intrigue began.  I had to, had to, HAD TO, force myself on his parents.  I had to photograph him and give them the shots.   I knew if they saw him the way I saw him in these photos, that they would go nuts over them.  And being my inappropriately friendly self, I think (I think) I asked if I could snap some pics.  He and I started to talk and I told him to run to me and see if I could get him in my camera.  We goofed around for a few minutes with him sprinting out and then running toward me (surefire way to get your own kids to allow you to photograph them – focus on the fun stuff).

Isn’t he awesome?

He looks like a throwback from another era

Those eyes!

His Mother commented on the fact that he seemed to like me.  I know it’s because I was able to see him in a different way.  And appreciate him and connect with him. Of course I sent her these shots and of course she loved them.  He’s amazing.  Who wouldn’t?

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