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Special Family

These little guys are very special to my family.  I have had the honor of getting to know their very brave and strong parents and have been itching to photograph them since they were babies.  I was finally able to convince their Mother to allow for a session with me.  Sometimes it’s difficult for people, and I completely understand why.  A “photo session” seems like such a big deal full of complexities such as what to wear, is their hair okay? Are they in good moods?  Have they rested, eaten, etc.  Sometimes it can feel too overwhelming.

The reality is this though.  It’s just a camera, and it’s just me.  And it’s just them.  Add them all up and we can get some great things going.  Sometimes you just have to trust me Mom & Dad.  I don’t know how I knew it, but I knew that these would be very important for the parents to have.  I knew it would bring them some happiness.  And I wanted them to see their boys the way I do.

I’m learning new tricks now.  Props are very important (I made these star banners and we blew up bright balloons which all happened to match with their outfits).  I also learned that M&M’s can work wonders.

My makeshift props photographed rather well

These guys are twins.  Very different personalities and looks.   Their closeness and their bond is so sweet.  Makes you wonder what it would be like to have a twin of your own.

Thank you to M&M Mars

My Mother took this of us.  I love this shot.  His Mom told me that when he saw this photo he said “that is Lilly.  I let her hug me because I love her.”  Made my day!

Oh you precious little babies.  I wish for nothing more then a life full of hugs and running and playing.  And I’m so grateful to your Mom for trusting me with photographing you.  Can’t wait for some of these to hang on the walls of your house and for you to smile and remember our big day of fun together.

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