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We love a good party in our parts…

It’s a problem.  I’m kind of a party addict.  I get a vision in my mind and I get fixated on it.  I get completely over-the-top-outta-control.  I admit it.  The most difficult thing about this is that I get these grand inspirations which often hit me late in the planning game.  Late as in, the week of.  We always manage to pull it off – my crew – my people.  My husband and my phenomenally creative and dedicated parents.  I’d be lost without my people.

Mateo turned seven in October and whatever he wants, as long as it’s doable, he is going to get from us.  He asked for a party at home (yes!!!! this is definitely my kid!) as opposed to a party out somewhere.   He also requested a Spongebob theme.  I never would have dreamt that I one day would plan a Spongebob party for our child but I suppose part of why he is here is to prove me wrong and to constantly teach me new things.  Namely, how to be a kid again.

To see the world through his eyes and to experience these great moments with him is a gift from God.  It’s a blessing of an unspeakable magnitude.  I don’t take it lightly.  Not for one moment.  To have this awesome little guy as our son and to do things like this for him – that’s what it’s all about.  So the party was for him, but the gift was ours. 

Uncle Squidward

My people

Seeing my friend’s kids growing up alongside Mateo – we are like one big family.

Stole this concept from my girlfriend Pam, also a photo-geek.  Did a little photo session the day following the party

These two fools – love them!  This is the photo I used for the Thank You cards.

My charismatic and very content little Birthday Boy – the day after the bash.

Thank you Mateo – for bringing me much laughter and joy.  And for welcoming me into a love so profound that I am left speechless.   xoxoxoxoxoxo

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