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One-year olds rule!

You are killing me kiddo – with your eyes and your cute little face and that hair.  You are simply spectacular in every way!  We are all madly in love with you babycakes.  And I especially love your attitude, just like your Mama’s.  Hee hee.  She says you wake up like this – all happy, animated, and ready to go.  Just like your Mama.

I have to say that this cake….is pretty cute.  And it is SO fitting to the personality of the home that you live in.  Simple and beautiful in a very modern, minimal way with a cute little twist thrown in.

I swear that Miss Thang was posing for me left and right

Had to showcase the eyes.

Yep - more posing. We were having a moment, Pilar and I

We dig our music - just like our Daddy

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  1. Carmen #

    This spread is amazing. It captures the perfect essence of this wonderous little girl! Absolutley beautiful! Thank you Titi Illy!

    December 8, 2010

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