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Getting your tree all properly dressed for the Holidays…

Bedazzle, bejewel, adorn, or simply decorate.  I tend to decorate a little over the top with our tree.  Glitz and lights.  That’s what Christmas feels like to me.  An excuse to do it up all gorgeous and stuff.  I am thrilled that my son loves to decorate right along with his crazy Mama.  He gets totally into it and loves to do the tree with me.  But, decorating our tree is a…well it’s a project.  There is a whole system to decorating a tree. Did you know that?  You don’t just slap on some lights and ornaments. Oh no, no, noooo…
Remember these tips for next year.  Your tree will thank you for it.  Trees like to look their best too you know.

1.  First you have to trim off uneven branches.  And you trim inside the tree as well.  To make room for all the crazy stuff you will throw on there.  You remove the tiny little branches on the branches themselves – those weak guys that can’t really support an ornament but we all try to hook one on anyway only to watch it droop down.  Take those guys off.  You should probably wait a day to let the tree settle and the branches fall into place.  It’s annoying but it turns out better this way.  Remember that the tree is usually all tied up so it will take a bit for it to form back into the natural tree shape.

2.  Then come the lights.  You go deep inside the tree first.  Shove them in there. Use more lights then you think you need.  Just do it safely.  Don’t go stringing a gazillion together.  But first shove them in as far as you can and get them all around the trunk.  Then work your way out.  Try to do it in groups or areas so that when you remove them later, it’s not one big tangle.

3.  Then you put in your shiny round ornaments.  The solid colored round ornaments.  Again, go deep to give the tree depth and makes it look layered and thick and lush.  Try to balance out the colors.  Don’t put all the green ones in one section, reds in the other, etc.  I do it color by color and spread them out.  Don’t forget the back!  My son will never forget the day our tree collapsed from exhaustion and imbalanced ornament hanging onto the sofa while he was home with a sitter and we were out at—well one of those parties.  So….yea, spread those babies out.  Or hook your tree to the wall or something.

4.  Those round guys were your base.  They were your outfit.  The fancier, special ornaments (the shiny antique ones, the one your child painted for you in pre-school, etc) – those are kind of like the jewelry.  Spread them out accordingly.  Give it a little thought.

5.  Step back every now and then and check your work.

6.  Do this at night if possible with the lights on so you can really see how it looks.

7.  Sweep up the needles, pick up the broken ornaments (this year I had around four or five) and throw on a great tree skirt.  Solid is my preference.  A nice rich, deep, velvet always works.

8.  Kick back and enjoy the Holidays.  And try not to think about taking all these suckers down.

Here is our tree this year.  It was inspired by the restaurant Babbo in NYC.  They had the most delicious tree with yellow lights and my husband and I fell in love with it.  And yes I remember the tree more then I remember the food.  The food was amazing but I’m not a foodie, I’m more of a decor gal.  This year we did our tree in all golden yellow lights with a few whites strung in there too.

You can't ever have too many ornaments

I know, I should have posted this at the beginning of the season but who has time when they are spending hours on end decorating the actual tree!?

Now it’s time to take this bad boy down…-sigh-

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