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Retirement Celebration Shoot for a very special family

You never know how a shoot is going to turn out.  I often envision one thing – only to have things go entirely different.  I suppose because when you work with people, you never really know how they will feel or act or what they will want from you.

I was asked to photograph a retirement celebration for a lovely woman who was being honored by her family.  They started out with skits representing different milestones in her life.  Family members of all ages joined in the fun along with speeches where they shared their fondest memories and observations of the evenings honoree.

As the photographer, you get to share in on other people’s moments.   The trick is to do be as unobtrusive as possible and to let the moment just flow.  The event is never about you.  It is always about the client.  My role is to capture their memories and to give them something to look back on for the rest of their lives.   That night was very special for all of them, and to me as well.

I am the dork who will crouch down obsessing over how to get the perfect flower shot

I had to exercise some serious self-control to not jump up and down clapping for these ladies

Favorite moment of the party

Emotional moments. Very, very sweet. Incredible family



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