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Okay maybe not ever – there are a few contenders for that one – but this is pretty darn close to it.  This is something that I am infatuated, smitten, and obsessed with.  This is the new love of my life (for now, until it is replaced with something else).

My husband bought this for me for Christmas for photo editing.  It’s a tablet that you connect to your computer and you can write directly on the tablet with the pen that it comes with.  Pretty cool, agreed.

You keep it on your desk and can use if for many different things.

I did try it with my photos but was immediately preoccupied with the drawing, sketching, and painting features that it can also be used for.  Someone on Amazon posted that they use it in conjunction with Sketchbook Pro and well, it’s love at first site.  Now I can draw ON MY COMPUTER!  Well not exactly on the computer itself – but ON THE TABLET – which shows up on the screen.  And you can change brushes, strokes, colors, and I’m dying over this thing.  You can even blur and smudge like you can with real pencil and pastel.  And you can layer like you can with paints and –I LOVE YOU WILL YOU MARRY ME?

I am going to get married to my tablet and my sketchbook software.  It will be like some type of high-tech 3-way marriage.  And I know I sound like someone who thinks that she just discovered the internet or cellphones or something which has been around forever.  I know that anyone into graphic design or computer art has known about this for ages but whatever.  I’m late to the game but it’s the best game ever!

I have been playing around with it.  These kind of suck but I will get better, I promise.

My attempt at a pinup girl. Adapted from a sketch in a book that I have

I realize that this may not be exciting to normal people but I’m screaming over it and want to sleep with it under my pillow.

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