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Have a peaceful 2011

About New Year’s Resolutions…

I am rather introspective and tend to over-analyze everything that I do.  I believe in the importance of self-awareness.  Like right now, I’m aware that there are a few too many  hy-phen-a-ted words floating around here and that is freaking me out a little.  That’s not the point, my point is that I think about thinks a lot.  I don’t exactly do “New Year’s Resolutions” though.  I may have some goals rather, that I set for myself or small things that I’d like to correct or improve about my behavior or personality.  I like to look at each area of my life – each category if you will – and look at what is working and what isn’t working for me.  And I try to be better in all of them across the board.

There is something inherently self-defeating about a New Year’s Resolution.  You may get all inspired and motivated at the beginning of the year and say things like “I’m going to lose that weight once and for all!” or “I’m going to start saving more money“, etc.  There is nothing wrong with either of those statements.  I’m all about feeling going about yourself physically and financially but I’m not sure that simply saying this because it’s January 1st is the most effective way to do so.  And why does it need to be January 1st?  Why not March 5th or October 17th?  What gets me nervous is that I know that most people have trouble sticking to these statements and halfway into the second month, will start to beat themselves up because they couldn’t stick with it.  And somehow you end up feeling badly about yourself.  Worse than you may have prior to making the resolutions.  Heck, I’m already sick of the lovely Jennifer Hudson strutting across my television screen singing about Weight Watchers.  It gets me nervous.  Jennifer!  Didn’t you see what happened to Kirstie Alley or Carnie Wilson?  Even my beloved Oprah has professed to finally have found the answer many times only to gain back some of the weight.   Stop it.  Everyone calm down about this whole “It’s a new year – it’s a new you!”.  What was wrong with the old you anyway?

I am not terribly keen on the whole need to “get it right” and to wipe the proverbial slate clean.  The whole concept of resolving to do something properly or to lose the weight “once and for all” feels to me like it has some inherent disdain for one’s prior actions during the year preceding.  Like we have to fix all of our mistakes from the year before.   How about reframing it and thinking about what you did well, and doing more of that?

I had a giddy moment where I thought to myself “wow, what a privilege, a luxury, to take a moment to reflect upon my life”.  What an opportunity to appreciate all that I have and all that we have.  I am looking at the things which have been great thus far and how to make them even greater . To do the things that made me happy or brought happiness to others, and to keep on doing them.   I want to stop taking myself so seriously (do I actually do that?) and to continue to laugh and make lemonade out of things that others would scream about.  It’s not that serious.  Well, some of it is, and for those things I will keep sending out positive energy but the rest, it’s probably not that deep, is it?  And if there are people who want to lose weight, do it because you love yourself and want to feel healthy and stop beating yourself up.  Don’t do it because you have been “bad” over the holidays or because you finally want to get it right.  You are beautiful already.  All of us are.

I have this statue at the top of our staircase and I occasionally pause to throw him a little kiss or a moment of thanks.  Maybe there is something that you can put on your desk or your bedside table to inspire you to do the same.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

A friend of mine gave this pink Buddha to me for Christmas and he’s rather awesome.  The color, the silliness, but the overall message of peace and joy. He’s right there next to my more classic guy.  I’m not sure where I will put him yet but rest assured that when I glance over at him, I will smile.

It’s a new year.   Like Chelsea Handler says “everybody calm down”.  Be open and free and don’t be afraid to be yourself.  Be kind to people.  Smile at them and to spread the good.  Don’t harp on the bad, the past.  Focus on the good stuff and more will come.

Peace and love man.

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