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The love of Grandma & Grandpa

My son is incredibly fortunate in that he is able to spend loads of time with both sets of grandparents.  My lovely in-laws live 45 minutes away and he gets to see them frequently.  My parents are also his babysitters so he gets to see them almost daily Monday-Friday.  I went to a psychic once who said to me “do you have two homes?  It feels as though you have two homes.”  I argued with her that I didn’t (while wondering if she saw a summer home or apartment in the city in my future).  It hit me though that she saw my parent’s home.  She said “yes, and your son feels like he has two homes.”.  I verified this with him the next day “Mommy, I DO have two homes” (duh).

A makeup artist who I was friendly with became a grandmother shortly after I gave birth to my son.  She told me that the love that a grandparent feels for their grandchild is pretty much indescribable.  You love your children desperately but your grandchildren are apparently on a completely different level.

I see this phenomenon all the time with my parents and my in-laws.  They are all madly in love with Mateo.  And how lucky is he to get to experience these excellent people?

My parents bought this table for him for Christmas.  It’s an air-hockey, pool, ping-pong and some other thing four-way table.  He whipped both of their butts in an air-hockey game earlier today.  And then he proceeded to whip mine.  I do believe that the game was a hit.

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