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To Red or Not To Red?

Red lipstick is everywhere. And while it never really went away as a classic look (a softer eye with a thin black line perhaps paired with a red lip and skip the blush please), it seems now though that red lipstick is in every magazine and in every catalog.

I’ve had red envy for quite some time. The way that Dita VonTeese can carry it with her dark hair and pale skin. I have dark hair dammit. I should be able to do this too. But then I try it on at a store and I feel like I have been instantly transported back into 1990 and I’m back at Penn smearing on a bright red color that I bought from the CVS on Walnut Street. I feel like I need to spray on some Salon Selectives and pop in my giant hoops. Okay, the truth is that the hoops are still going strong. But the red lip on me now, it’s not a good look.

At the time though, we swore we were fierce and there was a never-ending quest for the perfect shade of red. After that came the browns, the darker browns and ultimately, Channel’s Vamp. Wine was big for a time. And for many years, I was on a mission not for the perfect red, but the perfect nude lip. A nude with blue tones would make us look “corpse-y”. That’s what my best friend and I would say. “Do I look corpsey? Do I look dead?”.

Gloss took over shortly thereafter and replaced that matte look. For years and years I have been strictly a lipgloss devotee.

But, the red is beckoning for me to just give it a try.

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