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The very talented and beautiful Devonshire Players


I recently did a shoot with The Devonshire Players, a string quartet here in New York. I met one of the women through of a friend of a friend and we immediately clicked.  She noticed the photographs that we have framed throughout our home and asked if I was a photographer.  It’s kind of difficult actually to not notice the nine billion photographs we have all over out house.  It’s kind of nutty – they are literally everywhere. Family photos are framed on our walls, shots of friends line shelves all over, they are on our fridge, in our bathrooms, and even covering a giant bulletin board that my brilliant father made for our kitchen.  I love this corkboard.  It is framed by a beautiful white molding and covered with my current favorite shots.  Of course there are the framed fashion shots.  Those are pretty much everywhere.  So yes, for anyone not to notice that I’m way into photography means that they haven’t really been looking.

But back to my ladies.  They wanted some new looks for their website (they are hired regularly by brides for their wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, parties, etc).  During our shoot together, my favorite thing happened.   The usual “I don’t like how I photograph” turned into “ooooh…I really like that one! “.  Gorgeous solo shot after gorgeous shot after shot.  Love those moments.  I kind of live for them.  The kind where I jump up and down and say “Oh my god! LOOK at you!  You’re beautiful!”.  The moments where I have to remind myself to calm down and act professional (terribly challenging for me).   So yes, lots of those magical moments.  And it wasn’t tough with this group.  I mean, just look at these women.

It was also a lot of fun to photograph them together and to get just the right position.

We had several wardrobe changes and shot in a bunch of places.  It was a great day together and I am so pleased with our results.

My absolute favorite. Joked that this is their "album cover"

This one feels very "Twilight" (movie) to me.

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