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Simplicity is the key

These photos are from a shoot I did last week.  We were supposed to take these photographs outside on the beach but it was freezing cold.  I brought over my studio lights instead and since I’ve photographed them before at home, I knew we could find a great area for them to sit and hang out.  She has a great house for pictures.  She wanted to get a nice shot to convert into a canvas-wrap to hang in their new kitchen.   And luckily, she wanted something which would show a sense of the relationship between the kids and their natural chemistry as opposed to something very posed (say CHEESE!  CHEESE! – ugh – why do we do that to kids?).   Yay Mom for knowing that was not the way to go with this beautiful little group.

I chose the living room once I spotted this comfy ivory-colored sofa.   I popped the artwork off the wall behind it (and prayed I wouldn’t break it) and removed the throw pillows and we got a perfect, simple, relaxed place to take the pics.  She already had them in these blue and white dresses and jeans so it all came together really well.

This is something that you can do with your own kids or friends or anyone you want to photograph.  Think about your setting in advance – the background, the things off to the sides – where the light is coming from.  And try to keep the wardrobe simple.

I think this one here is my favorite:

Something interesting happened here.   She changed into casual clothes and suddenly became more relaxed and basically, happier.   More “herself”.  

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