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Indian Food….(love)

My obsession with Indian food is a problem.  I can eat it almost daily.  I think about it hours before.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s wrong to eat dal for breakfast.  I’m vegan so the veg options are perfect for me.   One of my Indian girlfriends gave me my very own masala kit.  I almost cried when I saw it.  She would laugh at me when she saw how much money I would spend on an order of dal and rice and told me how simple it was to make.  I’ve tried a few other dishes at home but finally tried to make lentils on my own this weekend.  It’s a work in progress but definitely made for a good photo opp.    I have to keep working at this because it definitely did not taste nearly as amazing as the dal at my favorite Indian restaurants (Malabar Hill, Baluchis, Cafe Spice, and Bhojan) so I’m trying to figure out what to attribute the differences to.  I will keep working on it but I am not giving up frequenting these places anytime soon.

My lentils

Letting the masala cook down




Garlic and ginger paste

Fresh peas for the Aloo Gobi

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