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I recently photographed this Wedding celebration for Crista and Patrick.  They were the cutest couple and had great chemistry.  They were very fun to photograph, and she’s so striking, it wasn’t terribly difficult.   Congratulations to them and wishing many years of happiness!


Six Months Old!

Portrait session for baby girl, Roma.  Her Mother wanted to wait until her baby girl was six-months-old to do the portraits, as opposed to doing newborn photos.  She wanted her baby to be able to sit up and smile.  We did them this weekend and I think it was a great choice to do the photos now.  I love how well she photographed and she was a delightful baby

I love love love LOVE this one

First Communion

And positively delightful.  Magical little girls.

Simplicity is the key

These photos are from a shoot I did last week.  We were supposed to take these photographs outside on the beach but it was freezing cold.  I brought over my studio lights instead and since I’ve photographed them before at home, I knew we could find a great area for them to sit and hang out.   Read more

The very talented and beautiful Devonshire Players


I recently did a shoot with The Devonshire Players, a string quartet here in New York. I met one of the women through of a friend of a friend and we immediately clicked.  She noticed the photographs that we have framed throughout our home and asked if I was a photographer.   Read more

Retirement Celebration Shoot for a very special family

You never know how a shoot is going to turn out.  I often envision one thing – only to have things go entirely different.  I suppose because when you work with people, you never really know how they will feel or act or what they will want from you.

I was asked to photograph a retirement celebration for a lovely woman who was being honored by her family.  They started out with skits representing different milestones in her life.  Family members of all ages joined in the fun along with speeches where they shared their fondest memories and observations of the evenings honoree.

As the photographer, you get to share in on other people’s moments.   The trick is to do be as unobtrusive as possible and to let the moment just flow.  The event is never about you.  It is always about the client.  My role is to capture their memories and to give them something to look back on for the rest of their lives.   That night was very special for all of them, and to me as well.

I am the dork who will crouch down obsessing over how to get the perfect flower shot

I had to exercise some serious self-control to not jump up and down clapping for these ladies

Favorite moment of the party

Emotional moments. Very, very sweet. Incredible family



Ah…new babies

I adore this growing little family.  I had the privilege of photographing their first daughter when she was just a few days old.  She’s now one and 1/2 and the big sister of a brand new baby girl.  I jumped at the chance to take some shots of baby #2.  Such a great time in their lives.  Such a gorgeous baby girl…


I like the angles here and how they are both looking down at her

Big sister - still as beautiful as ever. Those eyes!


Okay, I hope you have already taken your photo for your card but, if you haven’t…here are a few suggestions.  I had a vision this year of the perfect card but I couldn’t get my family to participate.  It would have been my husband, son & I visiting Santa at our mall.  I was going to get all decked out – like “over the top” decked out, and sit on Santa’s lap gazing at him.  I wanted my husband to be off to the side kind of glaring at Santa and maybe raising his fist up like “keep your hands to yourself pops!”.  My son would have been towards the front of the image doing some type of goofball rapper pose that he seems to gravitate towards.  So yea, the vision was there but the actual shot was simply not to be.  My point in sharing that with you is that I love a card with personality.  So do most people.

However, I do have some opinions on what goes into a great Holiday card.  I will share some below:

1.  Let their personality shine.  Our kids don’t normally sit there with a plastic grin.  Nobody does.  Why do we insist on yelling “smile!  smile!  Say CHEEEEESE” to these poor little guys?  My preference is for a natural, goofy, spontaneous moment to be captures.  I know it’s tough – but loosen up and try to let it be fun so that your kids can at least look as though they are having fun.

2.  Get close up!  Don’t be shy.  What’s with the shot of the kids all teeny-tiny and the giant Christmas tree, mantle, sofa, chairs, drapes, etc taking up much of the frame?  Take out the background.  It’s about the people in the photo.  That’s what we want to see.  We know you have a lovely home but I’d rather see the family that resides there.

3.  Keep it simple and classic.  Simple colors.  Not a lot of fuss.  Patterns don’t always translate well and can clash with others in the photo.  Try to have a cohesive color palate if you can.

4.  Skip the Santa sweater.  Just do it.   A simple red cable knit or a white button-up is equally effective.  A burgundy dress on your little girl.  You get the point.  You don’t need to spend a ton on Holiday outfits – they have this stuff at Target.   Even cute PJ’s would work.

5.  Take a ton of pictures.  Tons more than you think you need.  It’s digital.   You won’t know what they really look like just by looking at the tiny display on your camera.   If your camera has a “burst” setting, use it.  That’s the one which looks like a rectangle with another rectangle behind it.  Try it out. This way a shot isn’t ruined by a blinking subject or a turned head.  You give yourself a ton to choose from, delete and narrow it down to some finalists and choose from there.

6.  Try out different rooms.  Do your traditional tree or holiday shots but also try some different things.  How about them sitting cross-legged at the foot of their bed?  Hanging out on the sofa?  By the window?  On your front step?  Swinging on a swing?  One leaning on a tree and the other sitting at the base of a tree?  Get creative and have fun with it.  You have nothing to lose.

7.  Think about lighting.  If you know how to shut off your flash, shut if off and take the photos near a window with the subjects angled towards the light.  You don’t want shadows but try to have the light directed towards their faces.  Natural light is so lovely.  You may get amazing results.

8.  Make it happy, light and fun.  Put on music.   Dance around.  Tell jokes and funny stories.  After all, this is the holidays.

9.  If possible, try to hold back from over-directing “smile!” “turn” “sit up straight” “move your hands”.  Oh God, the stuff we yell at these kids.  Make it fun and goofy.  See #8.

10.  Try to capture the chemistry between your kids or among family members.  Get them to interact with one another and then snap the photo.  You may like the one of one of them giggling helplessly as the other makes a silly face better than the one of them both cheesing at the camera.

11.  Do it early in the day when the kids are not tired or cranky or hungry.

12.  Use props.  Maybe some ornaments or candy canes or something to convey a holiday vibe if that’s what you’re going for.

13.  Get in the photo.  Add the pets in there while you’re at it.  I’m not opposed to pics which feature everyone.  In fact, I love seeing my friends as well as their children.   May as well do a few family shots while you have everyone looking all spiffy.  Put your camera on a tripod of a safe and sturdy table and use your self-timer feature.

14.  Keep a brush or comb handy.  And use them.  Use hairspray, hair gloss, etc.  Why do you think people look so great at photo shoots?  Hair and makeup touch-ups.  It’s crazy how quickly hair gets messy.  Take an extra few minutes to be sure everyone is smoothed out and that buttons are buttoned, shirts tucked, zippers up, shoes laced, noses are clean (and no I’m not kidding), etc.  How annoyed would you be to have this amazing shot and little guy’s fly is down?

And the golden rule:
** BRIBERY NEVER FAILS.  I’m awful for saying it but it works.  Remember, this is probably not their idea of fun.  Promise them a treat at the end.  A pack of M&M’s, Pokemon cards, whatever they are into.  It’s worth it.**


Holiday Card – Baby Theo

This was fun because we shot it in a beautiful home with incredible light.  Every room consisted of a different color palate with a different set of lighting conditions.  Part of what I look for when I take a photograph, are the colors and textures in the background.  The paint colors, the color of the furniture, the texture of the fabric.   It’s important to always pay careful attention to the background of an image.  I have learned this the hard way – “If only I had moved that pile of newspapers out of the way”, etc.  If you are trying to achieve an artistic shot, you have to look at everything, the background, the vibe, the colors, the fabrics, and of course the lighting and the composition.

It’s never easy to photograph a 1 1/2 year old.  Sitting in front of a camera isn’t exactly their idea of a good time.  They’d rather be on the move, exploring and running around rather then being confined to a particular space.  We had to move quickly here and get Mom & Dad involved behind me making noises and goofy faces.   We had to keep his focus, otherwise we ended up with a lot of these kinds of shots:

This is SO not your Holiday card

The end result – we got a few good shots to choose from. Here are some of my faves:

I feel like this is the real Theo here

Look at this sweet little angel

He's so cute here


An example of a somewhat irritating detail - those leaves to the right are killing me!

This one works for me big time

MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY BOY.  Love you tons & your Mom & Dad too

I think this one is my favorite. I’m so loving that leather chair behind him (color and texture)

Special Family

These little guys are very special to my family.  I have had the honor of getting to know their very brave and strong parents and have been itching to photograph them since they were babies.  I was finally able to convince their Mother to allow for a session with me.  Sometimes it’s difficult for people, and I completely understand why.  A “photo session” seems like such a big deal full of complexities such as what to wear, is their hair okay? Are they in good moods?  Have they rested, eaten, etc.  Sometimes it can feel too overwhelming.

The reality is this though.  It’s just a camera, and it’s just me.  And it’s just them.  Add them all up and we can get some great things going.  Sometimes you just have to trust me Mom & Dad.  I don’t know how I knew it, but I knew that these would be very important for the parents to have.  I knew it would bring them some happiness.  And I wanted them to see their boys the way I do.

I’m learning new tricks now.  Props are very important (I made these star banners and we blew up bright balloons which all happened to match with their outfits).  I also learned that M&M’s can work wonders.

My makeshift props photographed rather well

These guys are twins.  Very different personalities and looks.   Their closeness and their bond is so sweet.  Makes you wonder what it would be like to have a twin of your own.

Thank you to M&M Mars

My Mother took this of us.  I love this shot.  His Mom told me that when he saw this photo he said “that is Lilly.  I let her hug me because I love her.”  Made my day!

Oh you precious little babies.  I wish for nothing more then a life full of hugs and running and playing.  And I’m so grateful to your Mom for trusting me with photographing you.  Can’t wait for some of these to hang on the walls of your house and for you to smile and remember our big day of fun together.