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First Communion

And positively delightful.  Magical little girls.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – February 2011 – Fall Collections

I recently had the honor and privilege of photographing a number of shows through ASJAIS Images.

Anyone who is close to me knows that I pretty much live for things like this.  I’m kind of obsessed with all things fashion and beauty related and to be so close to the editors I admire and to see designs from brilliant designers is somewhat of a dream come true.  Okay, it’s totally a dream come true.

I think my passion and love for this comes through in many of the photographs that I was able to shoot during the week.  I don’t think they would have been as strong if it were a subject matter I didn’t care this much about.  I wanted the pictures to evoke a feeling or

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to allow the viewer to really experience what I was experiencing at that moment.  Here are some of my favorites from the week.

Milly by Michelle Smith - this is one of my top pics. I am in love with this photo.

Anna Sui

Milly by Michelle Smith

The talented Warren Tricomi in action

I love this

The love of Grandma & Grandpa

My son is incredibly fortunate in that he is able to spend loads of time with both sets of grandparents.  My lovely in-laws live 45 minutes away and he gets to see them frequently.  My parents are also his babysitters so he gets to see them almost daily Monday-Friday.  I went to a psychic once who said to me “do you have two homes?  It feels as though you have two homes.”  I argued with her that I didn’t (while wondering if she saw a summer home or apartment in the city in my future).  It hit me though that she saw my parent’s home.  She said “yes, and your son feels like he has two homes.”.  I verified this with him the next day “Mommy, I DO have two homes” (duh).

A makeup artist who I was friendly with became a grandmother shortly after I gave birth to my son.  She told me that the love that a grandparent feels for their grandchild is pretty much indescribable.  You love your children desperately but your grandchildren are apparently on a completely different level.

I see this phenomenon all the time with my parents and my in-laws.  They are all madly in love with Mateo.  And how lucky is he to get to experience these excellent people?

My parents bought this table for him for Christmas.  It’s an air-hockey, pool, ping-pong and some other thing four-way table.  He whipped both of their butts in an air-hockey game earlier today.  And then he proceeded to whip mine.  I do believe that the game was a hit.

Holiday Ornaments

They are so pretty.  So, so so pretty.  I have to stop myself when I’m out shopping to not buy more.  I don’t need more.  But there is something about them that thrill me to no end.  And even more then the ornaments themselves, I adore taking photographs of them.  Yes, I’m a big cornball.  Whatever…don’t act like these shots don’t make you a tiny bit wistful and all Holiday mushy inside…

You can even see me with my long striped arms in this photo below.  I tried but couldn’t figure out a way to get myself not to show.  Oh well…


I am crazy for this shot



Holiday Parties!

I love parties.  LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE.  I know that I overuse the word love but I love to use the word love!  I have to find some equally effective terms but for now we will stick with simply love – and my love of parties.

Holiday soirees this year lived up to their hype and I am lumping them all here in one post.  My favorite pics from each one.  The office party with its assortment of characters, the intimate parties with friends in their homes, and of course my all time favorite Holiday party at our home.  Our party at home this year did not disappoint and had its share of crazy + crisis.  Little guy getting locked in our bathroom for a bit, me jumping up on a bench and grabbing the microphone – stuff like that.

Parties rock.

We did our company party at an NYC restaurant.  It was a lot of fun.  Started off with an adventure (of course) because we couldn’t find a taxi and this stretch white limo pulls up and says he would charge what a taxi would charge.  Doesn’t take much to convince me to do something silly.  So yea, we were goofing around.  Love my office pal Allison (the blonde here below).

The stretch limo...yea baby. We are ballers.

Christmas Eve with the best elf ever!

Two of my favorite girls and my little man

Three of the most important people in my world

From our party with our crew of seven couples - our 2nd family

Starting our little Christmas gift opening at my parent's house right...

Unforgettable moment here for me. My Mom & my dear friend sing Endless Love. I could just cry.

A little New Year's Eve sparkle caps the Holiday Season off rather nicely

Here’s to a ridiculously good 2010 and an even better 2011.  I am very blessed to be able to celebrate the season with incredible family & friends.

Next year…my Dad will be feeling better!  I made that my Christmas wish. xoxo

Getting your tree all properly dressed for the Holidays…

Bedazzle, bejewel, adorn, or simply decorate.  I tend to decorate a little over the top with our tree.  Glitz and lights.  That’s what Christmas feels like to me.  An excuse to do it up all gorgeous and stuff.  I am thrilled that my son loves to decorate right along with his crazy Mama.  He gets totally into it and loves to do the tree with me.  But, decorating our tree is a…well it’s a project.  There is a whole system to decorating a tree. Did you know that?  You don’t just slap on some lights and ornaments. Oh no, no, noooo…
Remember these tips for next year.  Your tree will thank you for it.  Trees like to look their best too you know.

1.  First you have to trim off uneven branches.  And you trim inside the tree as well.  To make room for all the crazy stuff you will throw on there.  You remove the tiny little branches on the branches themselves – those weak guys that can’t really support an ornament but we all try to hook one on anyway only to watch it droop down.  Take those guys off.  You should probably wait a day to let the tree settle and the branches fall into place.  It’s annoying but it turns out better this way.  Remember that the tree is usually all tied up so it will take a bit for it to form back into the natural tree shape.

2.  Then come the lights.  You go deep inside the tree first.  Shove them in there. Use more lights then you think you need.  Just do it safely.  Don’t go stringing a gazillion together.  But first shove them in as far as you can and get them all around the trunk.  Then work your way out.  Try to do it in groups or areas so that when you remove them later, it’s not one big tangle.

3.  Then you put in your shiny round ornaments.  The solid colored round ornaments.  Again, go deep to give the tree depth and makes it look layered and thick and lush.  Try to balance out the colors.  Don’t put all the green ones in one section, reds in the other, etc.  I do it color by color and spread them out.  Don’t forget the back!  My son will never forget the day our tree collapsed from exhaustion and imbalanced ornament hanging onto the sofa while he was home with a sitter and we were out at—well one of those parties.  So….yea, spread those babies out.  Or hook your tree to the wall or something.

4.  Those round guys were your base.  They were your outfit.  The fancier, special ornaments (the shiny antique ones, the one your child painted for you in pre-school, etc) – those are kind of like the jewelry.  Spread them out accordingly.  Give it a little thought.

5.  Step back every now and then and check your work.

6.  Do this at night if possible with the lights on so you can really see how it looks.

7.  Sweep up the needles, pick up the broken ornaments (this year I had around four or five) and throw on a great tree skirt.  Solid is my preference.  A nice rich, deep, velvet always works.

8.  Kick back and enjoy the Holidays.  And try not to think about taking all these suckers down.

Here is our tree this year.  It was inspired by the restaurant Babbo in NYC.  They had the most delicious tree with yellow lights and my husband and I fell in love with it.  And yes I remember the tree more then I remember the food.  The food was amazing but I’m not a foodie, I’m more of a decor gal.  This year we did our tree in all golden yellow lights with a few whites strung in there too.

You can't ever have too many ornaments

I know, I should have posted this at the beginning of the season but who has time when they are spending hours on end decorating the actual tree!?

Now it’s time to take this bad boy down…-sigh-

One-year olds rule!

You are killing me kiddo – with your eyes and your cute little face and that hair.  You are simply spectacular in every way!  We are all madly in love with you babycakes.  And I especially love your attitude, just like your Mama’s.  Hee hee.  She says you wake up like this – all happy, animated, and ready to go.  Just like your Mama.

I have to say that this cake….is pretty cute.  And it is SO fitting to the personality of the home that you live in.  Simple and beautiful in a very modern, minimal way with a cute little twist thrown in.

I swear that Miss Thang was posing for me left and right

Had to showcase the eyes.

Yep - more posing. We were having a moment, Pilar and I

We dig our music - just like our Daddy

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl

Ah, I love the children of my close friends.  This is one of my favorite little people here.  We have a lot in common, mainly our fondness for jewelry – the bigger and chunkier, the better.  Here she is ringing in her 2nd Birthday with family and close friends.  I got to play paparazzi while Mom tended to the details…

Waiting patiently

Her expression here is priceless

We love us some Barbie cakes

The Fall Holiday season is in full swing

I used to love Halloween when I was a child.  Who didn’t.  Getting dressed up and going trick or treating.  And then as a teenager, I remember getting dressed up to go to school.  Goofy costumes (I think we dressed in our IHOP uniforms one year for some inexplicable reason – so not cute).  Halloween is all about fun.  I forgot how fun it really was until our son was old enough to experience it for himself.  And now, it has become one of the things I most look forward to all year.   He dressed as the Scream monster this year (no comment – he and my husband shopped while I was away shooting a wedding).

We have been spending the last few Halloweens with close friends and go around their lovely neighborhood.  The adults go all out and decorate their houses, and paths and trees.  It’s really cute and really fun.  This year, was no different.

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We love a good party in our parts…

It’s a problem.  I’m kind of a party addict.  I get a vision in my mind and I get fixated on it.  I get completely over-the-top-outta-control.  I admit it.  The most difficult thing about this is that I get these grand inspirations which often hit me late in the planning game.  Late as in, the week of.  We always manage to pull it off – my crew – my people.  My husband and my phenomenally creative and dedicated parents.  I’d be lost without my people.

Mateo turned seven in October and whatever he wants, as long as it’s doable, he is going to get from us.  He asked for a party at home (yes!!!! this is definitely my kid!) as opposed to a party out somewhere.   He also requested a Spongebob theme.  I never would have dreamt that I one day would plan a Spongebob party for our child but I suppose part of why he is here is to prove me wrong and to constantly teach me new things.  Namely, how to be a kid again.

To see the world through his eyes and to experience these great moments with him is a gift from God.  It’s a blessing of an unspeakable magnitude.  I don’t take it lightly.  Not for one moment.  To have this awesome little guy as our son and to do things like this for him – that’s what it’s all about.  So the party was for him, but the gift was ours. 

Uncle Squidward

My people

Seeing my friend’s kids growing up alongside Mateo – we are like one big family.

Stole this concept from my girlfriend Pam, also a photo-geek.  Did a little photo session the day following the party

These two fools – love them!  This is the photo I used for the Thank You cards.

My charismatic and very content little Birthday Boy – the day after the bash.

Thank you Mateo – for bringing me much laughter and joy.  And for welcoming me into a love so profound that I am left speechless.   xoxoxoxoxoxo