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One-year olds rule!

You are killing me kiddo – with your eyes and your cute little face and that hair.  You are simply spectacular in every way!  We are all madly in love with you babycakes.  And I especially love your attitude, just like your Mama’s.  Hee hee.  She says you wake up like this – all happy, animated, and ready to go.  Just like your Mama.

I have to say that this cake….is pretty cute.  And it is SO fitting to the personality of the home that you live in.  Simple and beautiful in a very modern, minimal way with a cute little twist thrown in.

I swear that Miss Thang was posing for me left and right

Had to showcase the eyes.

Yep - more posing. We were having a moment, Pilar and I

We dig our music - just like our Daddy


Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl

Ah, I love the children of my close friends.  This is one of my favorite little people here.  We have a lot in common, mainly our fondness for jewelry – the bigger and chunkier, the better.  Here she is ringing in her 2nd Birthday with family and close friends.  I got to play paparazzi while Mom tended to the details…

Waiting patiently

Her expression here is priceless

We love us some Barbie cakes

Why don’t we think of our own birthdays this way?

I'm a sucker for a pretty cupcake moment

If I hear one more friend bemoan the fact that their Birthday is fast approaching…I will…I will…I don’t know.  I will tell them that a Birthday is a gift and that we should appreciate every minute that we are given to be here living and breathing.  To be alive.  But I will secretly wonder if that’s a bunch of bull and that when my 40th comes up (and it is coming fast), I too, will cry a little bit inside and count the lines on my forehead.  I’d like to think that I won’t.  And that I will celebrate the wonder of it all, surrounded by people I love.  Just the way that children seem to be able to do.  The candles, and the frosting, and the singing and the hugs.  The pinatas, the goody bags and the gift wrap.  That’s my plan.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I have amassed a collection of Birthday moments, featuring my favorite little people, over the years.  Here are some of my recent shots.  More to come.  I am going to feature them all together to remind us all that a Birthday is never something to hide.  It’s a badge of honor and a reason to lick the frosting off of a cupcake.

Friends since they were babies. Too sweet

The seven is backwards but I suppose it's best that the Birthday girl can read it

Thinking of the perfect wish. I'm loving that there are these older gentlemen in the background

Done! She said "my wish already came true. To spend time with my family!"

This cake = complete and total awesomeness

The adults were just as mesmerized as she was