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Recent dinner at Bar Taco in Port Chester


Dinner with friends out on the water. Felt a bit like a mini-holiday.
You choose your own tacos. They even did veg ones for me.


Happy Birthday Don Z.

I was asked to photograph a milestone birthday for someone who I am a huge fan of.
It was one of those parties where everything falls into place perfectly – the weather, the setting, the food, the guests, the music, and of course, the energy.
But even if it had been a huge rainstorm, or if some crisis happened with the food or something, it would still have been extremely memorable because this is a case where it is very much about the individual – who they are, what they stand for, and the people they have impacted in their life.

I think what I admire most in him, is his zest for living.  His ability to enjoy all that he has worked for and to share it with his family who he treasures more than anything.

It was a huge honor to be charged with capturing some of the memories and to try to give a little bit back to a family who has added so much to my life, to the lives of my family and my friends.



Well, it finally feels like Springtime in New York.  It’s difficult to feel sad when you drive down the street and all you see are trees filling in after what felt like a very long winter, and of course, all these beautiful flowers.  Or you walk around New York and you see just how happy the weather makes everyone feel.

These tiny flowers were growing on our front lawn.  The photo is rather cliche but it was a sweet moment nonetheless