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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – February 2011 – Fall Collections

I recently had the honor and privilege of photographing a number of shows through ASJAIS Images.

Anyone who is close to me knows that I pretty much live for things like this.  I’m kind of obsessed with all things fashion and beauty related and to be so close to the editors I admire and to see designs from brilliant designers is somewhat of a dream come true.  Okay, it’s totally a dream come true.

I think my passion and love for this comes through in many of the photographs that I was able to shoot during the week.  I don’t think they would have been as strong if it were a subject matter I didn’t care this much about.  I wanted the pictures to evoke a feeling or

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to allow the viewer to really experience what I was experiencing at that moment.  Here are some of my favorites from the week.

Milly by Michelle Smith - this is one of my top pics. I am in love with this photo.

Anna Sui

Milly by Michelle Smith

The talented Warren Tricomi in action

I love this


Fashion Week! This just in…not me


I kind of live for Fashion Week.  I’m late to the party on this.  I did not know that the characters responsible for my beloved Vogue, Bazaar, etc magazines, the editors, the designers, -gasp- the models! can be stalked seen parading to and from the shows.  I had no idea.  It’s like a magazine come to life.  It’s the equivalent of how a sports fan feels when they have great seats to an important game.  A game that comes twice/year.   Let’s go team!   I need some popcorn!  Get outta my way, you’re blocking me!  Okay – everybody calm down.

I love street photography – a la Scott Schuman’s  To be able to combine my passion for photography with my passion for fashion (that is so corny but I couldn’t resist), well it’s kind of a dream come true.   So yea, I bring my camera with its big flash and I dress in black and try to fade into the scenery and I snap away.  Last Fashion Week, I snagged a photo of Anna and I kind of die for this photograph.  I have it framed not only at home, but in on my desk in my office.

I still can't believe I got this shot

I also had the fanfrickingtastic luck of attending some of the shows.  I won’t go into details but Mr. photog from the New York Times who shared your pass with me – I will love you forever.  I got the most insane shots during several shows and it was one of those once in a lifetime moments which I, of course, squeezed every ounce of joy out of.  Gimme that joy – it’s mine!  I have enlargements from that day on my walls at home.  Thank you God or whoever bestowed that upon me.  I told my son “it was a gift from God!”.  He said “no it wasn’t.  It was a gift from that guy who gave you his pass!”.  -whatever-

But…this year, I haven’t gotten inside yet.  Yet.  Yes, “yet”.  But I cannot forget the real reason I even started to go over to the shows in the first place, which was – to take photos of the editors, buyers, models, and various attendees.  I will post a full album for my Facebook people but here are a few that I got today.  I have the day off one day this week and I intend to do some major stalking.  Stay tuned.  Oh and if I do get arrested, like my husband seems to think I will, I’m calling Anna.

so cute. She's a walking ad

The new venue. No longer at the tents at Bryant Park. No more tents actually

I love these full swingy skirts. She had opaque black tights. Perfection

I love this! What are you wearing? My bright red heels, you? My flat sandals. Proving that heels trump sandals any day.

I cannot beLIEVE that I didn't catch that this was RZ until I looked at my images on screen. Rachel!!!!!!! Call me! (I always say that in my head). She can't hear me though. RACHEL! CALL ME!!!!

Outside of Donna Karan.

I mean really...this girl is just so cute.

…more to come…