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Yoga Newbie

On the ups and downs of the New York Spring weather

Parent-Teacher Conference (apparently more stressful for the parents than anyone else)

Sketchbook Pro on ipad

Indian Food….(love)

My obsession with Indian food is a problem.  I can eat it almost daily.  I think about it hours before.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s wrong to eat dal for breakfast.  I’m vegan so the veg options are perfect for me.   One of my Indian girlfriends gave me my very own masala kit.  I almost cried when I saw it.  She would laugh at me when she saw how much money I would spend on an order of dal and rice and told me how simple it was to make.   Read more

Well, it finally feels like Springtime in New York.  It’s difficult to feel sad when you drive down the street and all you see are trees filling in after what felt like a very long winter, and of course, all these beautiful flowers.  Or you walk around New York and you see just how happy the weather makes everyone feel.

These tiny flowers were growing on our front lawn.  The photo is rather cliche but it was a sweet moment nonetheless

Simplicity is the key

These photos are from a shoot I did last week.  We were supposed to take these photographs outside on the beach but it was freezing cold.  I brought over my studio lights instead and since I’ve photographed them before at home, I knew we could find a great area for them to sit and hang out.   Read more

The very talented and beautiful Devonshire Players


I recently did a shoot with The Devonshire Players, a string quartet here in New York. I met one of the women through of a friend of a friend and we immediately clicked.  She noticed the photographs that we have framed throughout our home and asked if I was a photographer.   Read more

To Red or Not To Red?

Red lipstick is everywhere. And while it never really went away as a classic look (a softer eye with a thin black line perhaps paired with a red lip and skip the blush please), it seems now though that red lipstick is in every magazine and in every catalog. Read more